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For Arabian Silver one of the most fun parts of the business is writing a blog.  Basically it tells you a little about us so will gain confidence in this new brand.  It’s been a fascinating experience developing a brand from scratch.  How did Arabian Silver start?  Primarily we liked jewellery collections, purchased and then the populace decided that they liked it too.  We were lucky to have big brand names like a considerable amount of our posts on Instagram, for instance Juicy Couture Founders Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor.  These girls now operating under the name of Pam and Gela are following Arabian Silver on Instagram, very exciting indeed!  We have other big brands following us on Instagram, will...

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    Hi girls.  Just introducing you to Arabian Silver’s latest Office Girl Ring.  Basics this ring is all you need when you’re chasing the day or yourself.  You got a presentation to do and believe me all you need is to throw on this beautiful sparkling, citrus, tangy coloured jewel.  Splash into the room, you’ll have all the guys mesmerised and the girls green with envy, while you concentrate on getting “to the point”. Sitting square at 20x20mm stone size, embedded in a solid sterling silver band.  Contemporary, exotic and clever looking, this ring will take you from the day to the evening quicker than you can say “a cup of tea would be nice”.  Roll your eyes over...

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